Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Glycans DataBase 1.0

FGDB provides fucosylated and non-fucosylated glycans associated with Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH) in human. FSH is a heterodimeric glycoprotein with α and hormone-specific β-subunit. FSH-α is N-glycosylated at positions Asn52 and Asn78, while FSH-β is also N-glycosylated but at positions Asn7 and Asn24. So far there are 230 FSH glycans proposed, of which 91 are core-fucosylated while 139 lacked fucose residue. For positional details of glycosylation sites in FSH and their biological roles please refer to the following figure from Bousfield et al. (2019)

Glycans and feature analysis

α subunit
β subunit

Asn 52
Asn 78

Asn 7
Asn 24

FSH subunits & glycan sites